Netsuite Extensions

Netsuite Extensions

As we have gained insight into the needs of varied businesses during our long experience of providing ERP solutions, we have identified areas where NetSuite could be extended and enhanced but no such enhancement exists. We have therefore applied our ERP expertise to develop our own suite of NetSuite extensions to fulfil those needs.

Contact us to discuss any extension or app that interests you in more detail. We can work with you to add an extension to an existing NetSuite solution, or clients on our Business Partner Aftercare plans gain free access to all of these extensions.

Dynamic Blend for NetSuite

Dynamic Blend revolutionises formulation and recipe management. It has been developed to meet the specific needs of process manufacturers where tolerances are low and quality standards are high. Discover more...

PayNow for NetSuite

PayNow for NetSuite allows you to take payments without the need for SuiteCommerce. The app adds a 'Pay Now' button to any Quotation, Sales Order or Invoice generated by your NetSuite system. You can even add a button to PDFs that you generate, embedding the payment capability into the document.

User Portal for NetSuite

One of the few weaknesses of NetSuite ERP is the inability to customise the Customer Centre. Although it is powerful, it does not offer a user-friendly customer experience. With User Portal for NetSuite, you can now customise the Customer Centre, presenting an intuitive, media-rich user experience that's more akin to a website, enhancing the user experience for your customers and helping you to reinforce your brand identity. Discover more...

CRM Quickview for NetSuite

The CRM Quickview for NetSuite gives you a complete overview of all your customer touch points. The app enhances the Customer Record by summarising CRM activity on the same screen. This negates the need to run separate reports and gives you an instant overview of last activity and planned events. In addition, you can view customer activity metrics, and a comprehensive order history functionality.

Liquidity Manager

The Liquidity Manager app provides fully automated cashflow forecasting and planning for your NetSuite ERP. Fully integrated into NetSuite, Liquidity Manager leverages bank balances, sales orders / invoices due, purchase orders / bills due, customer receipts and vendor payments data to provide you with accurate forecasting. Once installed, it operates on a rolling forecast basis, so as long as your data is kept up to date, the forecast is always available for month-end, quarter-end or year-end as you require.

Mass Delete for NetSuite

Deleting records within NetSuite can be an arduous task as you need to go into each individual record in order to delete it. However, if you have multiple or even hundreds of records to delete, this can quickly become a very laborious task. Mass Delete for NetSuite saves you time and effort by enabling you to delete multiple files from a simple search action.

Sphere Logisitics

Built on the solid foundations of and fully integrated into NetSuite ERP, SphereLogistics is a complete cloud solution for logistics companies.


NetFranchise is a complete franchising solution allowing you to manage all aspects of your franchisee network. NetFranchise allows deep comparison between Franchisees at the touch of a button, providing you with complete insight about what your franchisees are actually doing, which makes optimising your franchisee network performance straight forward. And with only one system to learn, your training overhead is greatly reduced, support tasks are reduced and, being cloud based, is easy to deliver remotely.

Net Estates

NetEstates is a complete solution for estate agencies and extends the base functionality of the NetSuite ERP system to cater for the needs of this particular industry.