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The Consultancy stage of our change management process is designed to really get under the skin of your business, allowing us to understand your business model, its strengths, and its weaknesses. Through a series of conversations, our consultants will listen to you and understand how your business operates, building a map of your business to get a complete understanding of all its aspects.

These conversations help us to understand the size of the change management task in relation to the maturity of your business and the market in which it operates. Once we appreciate the size of the challenge for the experience and maturity of your business, we can tailor our consultancy services to the task in hand.

Next, we complete a comprehensive review of your business model and ensure all steps are in line with best practice. Where gaps are found we offer suggestions and close them. Where best practice is not adopted, we offer advice based on our decades of experience ensuring your new ERP system will run smoothly.

Typically, we will run a series of discovery sessions with representatives of all areas of your business including, but not limited to, sales, marketing, finance, procurement, projects, manufacturing and fulfilment. During these conversations, a detailed photograph of your business will develop which will enable us to deliver a Business Requirements Document (BRD) that will act as the blueprint for the final ERP system.



We explore all of the processes within your business


We’ll build an understanding of all aspects of your business

Project Blueprint

A Business Requirements Document acts as the blueprint for the project

“The Cloud Business Solutions team undertook a complete audit of our existing systems and processes in order to understand the minutiae of our business and to fully appreciate the challenges that we were facing. Their business consultants listened to our issues and suggested solutions above and beyond our expectations.”
- Mac Group Europe

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