We align and configure the ERP system for your business needs

Now we understand what you need and how much of a transformation this project will be for your organisation we are ready to begin the system configuration, mapping your Business Model inside the ERP system we have agreed is the best fit for your business.

Once the Business Requirements Document (BRD) has been signed off, we have a full understanding of how much of a transformation the project will be for your business. We will now move onto the system configuration stage of change process. It is during the system configuration that we map your business processes and systems inside the ERP system, resulting in a customised ERP system, uniquely aligned to your business.

During this stage our business analysts, business process engineers and software engineers work together to align the processes of the ERP system with the detailed map we have developed of your business processes. Once these two maps are brought together, any gaps in the alignment can be identified and can be covered with enhancements to the ERP system.

A major part of the configuration is the migration of your precious business data from older systems to the new ERP system. Our business and technical consultants have huge experience in data migration and understand the challenges involved in both moving – and validating – the data, reducing the risk of delays or data loss.

As the configuration process advances, we will activate key functionality of the ERP system and tailor how each departmental system works, fine tuning the system to match the individual business model. It is often here that our clients discover the true power of an ERP system, as it replaces disparate legacy systems and data sources with one system offering managers a single version of the truth.


ERP components

Key components of the ERP system are aligned with your key business processes.


Any gaps in the system are identified and customisations are planned.

Fine Tuning

We fine tune the ERP system to match your business model.

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