IFS Testimonials

IFS Testimonials

Here is a selection of video testimonials of a few select IFS customers and their stories; please click on the links to see how IFS Applications ERP helped their businesses and please get in touch if you would like to discuss how we can help integrate the benefits of OFS ERP solutions into your business.

GED Integrated Solutions

GED Integrated Solutions considered its investment in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution as the key to operational efficiency — and IFS Applications delivered. With IFS, GED believes it is the most efficient equipment manufacturer in the industry.

Morgan Motor Company

The Morgan Motor Company, the very last family-owned brand producing cars in the traditional method, found itself in a position where it had four different systems and eight different databases working in isolation from one another, creating a situation where inaccurate and conflicting data was holding the business back. It required a system that could handle finance, business analytics, procurement, service, configure-to-order manufacturing, sales, and spare parts — which is why it chose IFS Applications.

Pukka Herbs chose IFS to support 25% year-on-year growth

With the success of 'Project Morph' headed by David Anderson, Head of Office Projects & IT, Pukka Herbs is now operating with IFS software. Lobbies is one of the solutions that Pukka have found particularly useful, citing business value benefits such as:

> Flexibility of system to scale with the growing business

> Centralisation of data and abolishment of silos

> Time savings on administrative tasks

> Better analysis of product values and costs of sales

Valmont Industries

Valmont Industries is a longtime customer of IFS and has run IFS Applications for more than 15 years. With 23 manufacturing facilities, 100,00 employees and corporate, production, distribution and sales sites around the world, Valmont has customers in roughly 100 countries.

Having complete visibility of manufacturing processes and supply chains has revolutionised how Valmont operates.