NetSuite OneWorld

NetSuite OneWorld

For larger multi-national companies and companies with a number of offices in different territories, NetSuite OneWorld offers a real-time business management solution that encompasses your business on a global level. Managers and other stakeholders can get a real-time view of business performance and then drill down into key metrics within individual operations providing instantaneous reporting that negates the need for custom reporting and speeds up the decision-making process.

With NetSuite OneWolrd you can manage multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities via comprehensive financial and operational role-based dashboards which provide a real-time overview of each division, with the ability to drill down into more detail if required.

As it is Cloud-based, NetSuite OneWorld enables you to run both your corporate and subsidiary operations in the cloud, negating the need for costly IT infrastructure in each territory. Your ERP system is therefore standardised – and available – across all of your operations, providing standardisation of operations and reporting.

NetSuite OneWorld Financials is the backbone of the system and offers a complete cloud financial management application. Businesses can adjust for currency, language, taxation and legal compliance differences across territories, with the ability to customise where necessary. Financials helps to consolidate your operations and provides real-time visibility across accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, inventory, billing, invoicing and order fulfilment.

In addition to this global accounting/ERP solution, NetSuite OneWorld also offers global Customer Relationship Management (CRM), e-commerce and Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions helping you to align all of your global operations.



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