User Portal for NetSuite

User Portal for NetSuite

Transform your user experience with User Portal for NetSuite

Despite all of the benefits of NetSuite, one of the few weaknesses of the system is the Customer Centre user experience. Although the interface is powerful and offers lots of functionality, it can not be described as offering a user-friendly experience.

User Portal for NetSuite allows you to offer an enhanced user experience. You can provide an intuitive, media rich customer centre that offers a much more engaging experience.

Previously, when your customer logged into their Customer Centre, they had to experience the jarring effect of leaving your branded website and enduring the standard NetSuite interface. With User Portal for NetSuite you can offer a completely customisable interface that will delight your customers and enhance your brand.

The Standard NetSuite Customer Centre does its job, but your customers have to use a complex interface that’s hard to use and over which you have no control.

With User Portal for NetSuite you can offer a rich, user-friendly experience that’s easy to use and maintains your branding.


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